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​What Sets Us Apart

United by a common goal, we are driving change in the fitness and Move-to-Earn space and transforming the way people perceive fitness and health. Every member of our team is deeply committed to breaking new ground in the fitness industry, of empowering people to break through self-imposed barriers, fostering a culture of active living, and motivating individuals to achieve their wellness goals. 

We are not just a team but a vibrant uplifting community bound together by a shared vision. We come from diverse backgrounds, bringing a broad range of experiences and perspectives.

However, it's our shared belief in the transformative power of physical activity and the momentous potential of our AI-powered personalized coaching and rewards model that unites us.

​We are tirelessly working to make FOOTURA a tool that enables you to lead a healthier lifestyle and gets you rewarded for your efforts.


Tabber has a record of overcoming seemingly intractable barriers in sports and in business to achieve superior results. As an attorney, Tabber led large teams on international transactions on behalf of funds and Fortune 500 clients, valued at over $50 billion in the aggregate. Tabber has built up three startups, including a robust and nationally recognized non-profit initiative, and his leadership is informed by his ethos of empowerment and lifting people up.

Tabber B. Benedict

Co-Founder and CEO

​Jesse is a seasoned CTO, technical, and product lead, currently running a blockchain mobile app development company managing dozens of development teams and efforts, and overseeing the work of over 300 people under his leadership and supervision.

Jesse Anglen

Chief Technology Officer

Shaunak is a tireless, dynamic, and passionate technology leader with a proven track record of leading cross functional teams to success in AI, full stack applications and other verticals. Shaunak leads by example with creativity and a vision for the user-experience. He is the lead coder and, along with the CTO, oversees all coding for Footura. Shaun holds a MS degree in Computer Science from the Johns Hopkins University, where he researched algorithmic analysis for his thesis. He has been a visiting scholar at the University of Queensland, Australia, and the Indian Institute of Science. Apart from his engineering and leadership roles in technology, Shaun enjoys playing soccer, singing, public speaking, and hiking. 

Shaunak Mukherjee

Vice President of Engineering

Jesse is a multiple-time startup funder and founder with proven success raising capital, business leadership, and business operation.

Jesse Crawford

Board Member

Lauren has over 20 years of operating and investment experience in the healthcare industry. She is the founder and CEO of Minleigh LLC, a healthcare focused strategic advisory firm. Prior to this Lauren was a Co-Founder of Tokum Capital Management, a global healthcare hedge fund, which later merged with Perella Weinberg Partners. 

Lauren Chung, PhD

Independent Director

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